Booking cancelled by the host: When you cancel a confirmed booking, you won’t receive any payment. But more importantly: your confirmation rate will be negatively influenced. Think about it before you cancel. A low confirmation rate decreases your chance to receive future bookings.

Booking cancelled by the direct WIMBIFY guest:

WIMBIFY will act only as a distributor and will apply the cancelation policies of each local heroes (host). The host will decide if his activity could be canceled and if yes by when and with which penalty.

In case of a cancelation, as a host, you’ll be compensated according to the outside rules defined by you in the platform.

Booking Requests rejected/withdrawn/expired before confirmation:

All bookings must be confirmed within 72 hours. If you reject or don’t confirm within this time range, the booking request expires and no payment will be made to you. This also counts when the guest withdraws the booking request before you confirm it. Make sure you click on that “Confirm” button!



Cancelling a confirmed booking

On every activity you can read the cancellation policy decided by the Local Hero, if this is allowed and from how many days before the arrival date and with which penalty.

If an experience is canceled by the host, the guest will receive a 100% refund.

Cancelling an unconfirmed booking

All bookings on request need to be confirmed by the host within 48 hours. If you cancel an unconfirmed booking within 48 hours, you will receive a full refund.