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Why be a Local Hero

Meet new people

Share your passion for your city and make new friends

Do what you love

Just do what you love. Let’s see how does a local lives

Earn money

Start earn money having fun with new people from all over the world

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May I have to pay taxes on my earnings?

Your net income (i.e. minus wimbify expenses) should be reported to the taxman to determine your taxes.

What are my responsabilities as host?

As host you are responsible of your bookings, organizing your activities and communicating on time with your guests, pay taxes in your country as a freelance and activating an insurance for your guests (optional).

Do you charge me any commissions?

Like other platform do we charge you a commission of 20% for each booking done on our platform. This commission is for our costs of marketing and platform maintenance.

Publishing my experiences on means that I work for Wimbify?

We are a marketplace of travel experiences offers by locals who operate like a freelance. There isn’t a formal agreement between you and Wimbify.